Everything the King/Executive needs to know to succeed in the workplace


As a King/Executive you’re most comfortable when in charge, and those around you rely on your decisiveness. Every so often, however, your good intentions upset or offend your colleagues. Using the three tools below will help bring others around to your way of thinking, READ OUR GUIDE.

As a King/Executive, it can be difficult to be someone else’s subject. Until you can claim the throne, however, you need to make your boss your liege. Below, three tools to help you stand out from the hoi polloi, each of which should speed the day the scepter is passed to you, READ OUR GUIDE.

As a Royal it’s critical to remember that while others may defer to you in public, some of your choices land poorly with your team in private. Given this, be mindful that changing your schedule impacts others, that having “court” favorites breeds internal resentment, and that the free flow of information is critical. READ OUR GUIDE.

As a King, your natural presence adds authority and impact to any presentation, so your work is to convey accessibility and a shared humanity. Below are three easy ways to reassure your audience that you are more alike than they might first believe — because when they see themselves in you, your message becomes stronger. READ OUR GUIDE.