Pharrell Williams

Everything that we experience every day leaves a long-lasting impression.
Pharrell Williams
Some people say there’s nothing new under the sun. I still think that there’s room to create, you know. And intuition doesn’t necessarily come from under this sun. It comes from within.
Pharrell Willliams
I’m a fan of music, first and foremost. So I do things from the perspective of a fan.
Pharrell Williams
I love playing. The keyboard is my journal.
Pharrell Williams
Pharrell Williams (born April 5, 1973), also known simply as Pharrell, is an American singer-songwriter, rapper, record producer, and fashion designer. Williams and Chad Hugo make up the record production duo the Neptunes, producing soul, hip hopand R&B music. He is also the lead vocalist and drummer of rock, funk, and hip hop band N.E.R.D, which he formed with Hugo and childhood friend Shay Haley. He released his first single “Frontin’” in 2003 and followed up with his debut solo album In My Mind in 2006. His second album, Girl, was released on March 3, 2014

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Pharrell’s Archetypes

Pharrell Williams is a Creative.

Pharrell Williams is a Tastemaker.

Pharrell Williams is a Spiritual.

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