In the shadow, the Addict Archetype creates a bevy of problems. You will compromise your integrity and honesty, essentially compromise your soul, giving authority to a substance, possession or material acquisition over your inner spirit. The light of this Archetype is self-awareness, helping you to confront your demons that drive you to addiction.

For the Addict, ask yourself, where is your heart and head in disagreement? The Addict tends to emerge at night, unseen; it is engaged because your head tells you one thing during the day and your heart tells you another by nightfall. The conflict causes a pain that acts out with addictions to work, power, control, sex, drugs, food, alcohol, cigarettes, gambling, or stealing – and all are pain players.

Ultimately, the Addict can help you make some of the most difficult choices you will ever face if you learn the value of aligning your head and heart. It is not an easy lesson.

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