The Story of Me and You

Take a quiz that identifies your primary archetypes — the heroes of your story.

  • Understand who you are through our new social filter based on archetypes
  • Make more inspired choices by accessing content tailored to who you are
  • Connect and follow people who share your archetypes and discover what is right for you

The philosophy of archetypes is recognized by scholars worldwide as the definition of our persona and our story

  • An archetype is a pattern of behaviors that, once discovered, helps you better understand yourself and others.
  • Individual archetypes are often grouped into archetypal families and on our site you will meet these families.
  • Once you know your archetypes you can begin living your story instead of someone else's.

Archetypes: The Story of You

  • The Story Page

    Your Story Page is your passport to the social world. You can customize it with wallpaper, a motto, and a photo to express who you really are.

  • The Story Wheel

    Your Story Wheel reflects three primary archetypes that define you. With one click, your Story Wheel can be used to measure compatibility with others.

  • The Storyline

    Your Storyline is built each time you ME an item. It's a collage of the people, places and things you love, seen through the filter of your archetypes. Your Storyline can be used to measure compatibility with others with one click.

  • The Storyboard

    The Storyboard is built each time a user ME's an item. The Storyboard is comprised of content from, and for, all 12 Archetypes.

Use our me button to craft the story of YOU

  • Click the ME button when you see something you like on our Storyboard.
  • By clicking ME you begin building your own Storyline.
  • The ME button can also be installed in the bookmarks toolbar on your web browser, allowing you to ME your favorite articles, images, products, etc. from all over the web.