When browsing through motivational and inspirational websites and blogs, we often see and read articles about life. More often we see interesting questions that challenge our mind for an answer. One question that piqued my interest is this: “What are the things you would do if you had the chance to start again?” Now, this question does have a lot of categories; whether it is your career, school or your overall life.

I am quite sure that we all have a different point of view when it comes to this question. But as for me, here is a list of some of the things I would do if were to start all over again:

I would be nicer to people

It is not that I am a psycho, a war freak or anything. It is just that, like any other typical person, I do not have a great attitude that goes well with other people. Well, it is a common fact that there is no one in this world that is perfect; still, I would be nicer to other people, I would not hold grudges for a long time and I would not shut people out of my life

I would read a lot

Not those thick books that your teachers make you read at school. Rather, those motivational books that will inspire me to be a better person, or those educational books that I might need for my knowledge to flourish and can be used for my own future. Books that will make me fall in love, cry and give me happiness. I would spend more time reading them instead of fooling around.

I would not follow the crowd

During school years, you either fit in or you are one of those who tried to fit in. Peer pressure and the need to follow the latest trend is not something I should have done. If I could start again, I would not base my decisions on trends and peer pressure, I would not care if I fit in or not.

I would have started to save money earlier

I should have saved a little money out of my allowance, that would have helped me a lot when I was starting out to be independent. Furthermore, I could have given my parents gifts for their birthday or other special events.

I would eat healthier

As children, we all loved junk foods and sweets, since it was the only favorite treat that excited our palates. Even as we age, many of us prefer to eat juicy and fatty food. Many people like me put aside green leafy vegetables and stuff all the tastiest stuff in their mouth. I should have eaten those fresh picked leafy vegetables. I should have controlled myself when eating food that can potentially harm my body system.

I would take better notes and pay more attention in class

I could have been the best in school if only I stopped fooling around. I should have listened to my teachers and instructors. I should have asked questions about a lesson that I never really understood. And if ever I could start again, I would study harder and be better.

I would let myself become happier

I always think of other’s happiness before mine. Not that I’m a martyr or anything, I just like to put them first, especially my family and close friends. I bought them gifts instead and treated them to restaurants. I would have bought that watch for my birthday, I would have taken a break for myself for a few days so that I could have been a little bit happier in this life.

I would not try to be perfect

Like many people in the world, I do my best to be good at things. I tried to be perfect with zero mistakes. I should have done the exact opposite. I should have been more relaxed instead of gnawing my teeth when my boss got angry at me. I would make a lot of mistakes for me to grow. I would take only a few things seriously and take more risks to be satisfied and I won’t have any regrets when I grow older.

I would stop negativity

Most of the time, when we humans get pressured and intimidated, we tend to think negatively. Back when I was in school, low grades will automatically feed me the thought that I’m not good enough. I would stop comparing myself to other people and eradicate all the negative thinking and feeling I hide inside me.

I would show more love to my family and friends

It is not that I did not show any kind of love to them. But I just wished that I could have shown them more gratitude and let them know that I love them like no other. I would say “I love you” to them frequently. I would surprise them and make them happier like never before.

Final Thoughts:

Our life is what it is now based on our previous decisions and paths we have taken. Even though we might have done something that gave us regrets, as we are still living we still have the chance, the chance to make up for those regrets and do the things that we should have done a long time ago. The truth is, there is no need to go back in time; because the chance to start again is always in front of you.

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