While being the center of conversation and the star of any party adds glitter and frisson, it can also suck the air out of the room.

The attention that Tastemakers receive for their laudable sense of style and their dazzling confidence can turn their healthy egos into raging bonfires of self-absorption. This narcissism doesn’t just affect their interpersonal relationships; it can even infect their work habits and makes them feel entitled to put in less effort.

If you find yourself suffering from narcissism, ask yourself – how and why are you negotiating your humility? The Narcissist is compulsively self-involved. “I want to live to 100 but I can’t age.” They are obsessed with their health, diet, exercise, beauty surgery, being seen and heard. The world revolves around the Narcissist to the exclusion of anyone else. Ultimately, the Narcissist strips you of authentic self-esteem. On the bright side, the Narcissist Archetype can move some Caregivers to self-care.

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