Twelve months of awesome — let’s do this!

1. January: Write in a journal for a new start. As a new year begins, the narrative of the past 12 months gets lost to time. Change that. Start a journal. You don’t need to take the “Dear Diary” route — instead, get creative. You can do a photography journal, a drawing journal or an interactive digital journal with links, images and words (like your own private blog).

2. February: Make your own valentines. During Valentine’s season, you might give one card to your boo, but this year, why not send a bunch to your best pals and family members? Everyone can use a little more love, amirite? And lucky you, we have some fab suggestions for DIY Valentine’s Day cards. So go spread the love!

Originally published at: 12 Easy Ways to Embrace Creativity in 2017 | Brit + Co