A shadow archetype of the Caregiver, the Victim is born out of guilt and feelings of inadequacy and can lead to anger and codependence. Everyone has this archetype.

Why You Should Watch Out

Caregivers who go too far sometimes end up as victims, and it can actually make them incapable of providing any care at all. Manifesting this shadow archetype can also produce a lot of unrealized guilt, rage and depression.

It’s Not Necessarily True

As a shadow archetype, the Victim tells you that you are always taken advantage of and it’s never your fault, which is simply not true. You are also rewarded in the form of sympathy, which exacerbates this unhealthy cycle you’re caught in.

See the Bigger Picture

Living an empowered, healthy emotional life is an important part of being happy. Playing the Victim undermines your strength in overcoming challenges and fears.  

Break the Pattern

If you find yourself feeling victimized and fall into self-pitying, think about your circumstances and how powerless you might feel. Is there envy of others there? How much time are you spending feeling sorry for yourself? Asking yourself these questions is a good step in moving on.

The Upside

Don’t be misled by the name of this archetype. When properly recognized, the Victim archetype alerts you of danger, of letting yourself be victimized, especially through passive aggressive actions. It also can help you recognize your own tendency to manipulate and victimize others for your own personal gain. 

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