Some Visionaries fall deep in love with their ideas, projects and plans and will seclude themselves to indulge this drive of ambition. Isolation is a necessary tool in their archetype; however, it can turn destructive as a shadow, the Hermit.

Keep Perspective

Solitude is a wonderful thing for the Visionary! Alone with only your thoughts and creativity, it can be a moment of real magic if you keep in tune with reality. Don’t become so submerged with work that you don’t know what’s happening outside in the world.

Keep Contact

Disconnecting and distancing yourself can lead to great introspection and breakthroughs, however losing contact with your friends, family and network connections can lead to estrangement and sabotage the project you’re working on. Don’t forget that you could lose the very connections you need in the real world – i.e. investors, industry leaders – to help them get these visions and ideas made into reality.

Keep Cool

The Visionary can have an unyielding desire to complete whatever they’re working on, so much so that they can isolate themselves in hermitage for what seems like eternity. Sometimes, these feelings and desires to withdraw from society can evolve into intolerance and misanthropic notions.  If you find yourself falling into negative territory, you need a break.

Keep Your Ego in Check

Guess what! Nobody is around to second guess you, edit you, tell you what works and what doesn’t – you have nothing but green lights! And that means you are 100% full ego, and your projects can suffer. In addition to checking in with reality, have somebody on the other side you trust that can tell you when you’re way off base or when something isn’t working, to deflate that balloon a bit.

Keep on keepin’ on

Ultimately, if you are aware of hermit tendencies, you can avoid them. It is absolutely crucial for the Visionary to take a step back and devote all energy to their work or practice and it’s much easier to complete ideas during intense periods of self-reflection. Just don’t forget to come up for air.

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