Just like Bram Stoker’s Dracula, who fed on the lifeblood of others while living in the lap of luxury, the Vampire shadow archetype can be a drain on those around them. Do you know someone who, well… sucks? Here’s how to spot one (even in daylight).

Livin’ large

The Vampire’s lavish lifestyle can deplete precious resources globally and locally. Fancy gas-guzzlers, private planes, dripping in diamonds, excess and waste are all at the top of a Vampire’s to do list. The kicker? They usually do not provide for themselves, as they are extremely dependent on others to fulfill these expensive demands.


The Vampire gets some undue attention for what is essentially an accident of birth, but the real tragedy here is that they divert attention from more worthy individuals. And while they could use their popularity for good, they most certainly don’t. This is a totally self-serving creature.

Constant Craving

Mythically speaking, the Vampire returns every evening to his source of life until there is no more to be had. In reality, this shadow archetype will keep coming back to the source of energy, love, money and trust until it is completely drained. 

Small-Scale Vamps

The Vampire forms psychic attachments to others out of a need for approval and maintenance, sucking the energy out of others for precious upkeep. Look for lifelong patterns of behavior such as chronic complaining, over-dependency and holding on to relationships psychically long after they’ve ended. The Vampire is a psychological beast that doesn’t necessarily need your fancy gifts, but rather your time, love and attention.

Keep Your Wits About You

If you are aware that someone or something is draining your life force, you must realize that you’re not living to the fullest. Cut the sucker out! You’ll be happier, healthier and more able to cope with your own life. And if you notice yourself developing some Lestat-like traits, take a step back or you might get staked.

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