There are so many things that demand our attention and time. We want the new car, the new house and the new designer watch. Most times having so much could mean more commitments and more energy to keep up with the things we have.

If you want to live a happy life, you may need to simplify your life and appreciate the balance it brings. There is no point being overwhelmed by the struggle of managing the so many things you have. Most times simplifying your life helps you to focus your energy and time on what truly matters!

Stop sweating the small stuff

Most times we get consumed about the details and lose sight of what really matters. Perhaps you are taking life too seriously and want a make perfect outcome of actions. However, majoring in the minors could deter us from producing our best results, so why take ourselves too seriously and spoil it all? Stop sweating the small stuff and trying to do it all! Instead work on areas of your life where your strength lies and you could make the most of your ability.


Technology is great, we can communicate faster and connect with those we care about instantly. But it could lead to an obsession where we are constantly checking our emails, blogs and social media profiles. And it could mean that we rarely appreciate those things that are close to us and demand our physical attention. To simplify your life, you may also need to disconnect from technology, at least once in a while.

Stop multitasking

You are more productive when you focus on a single task, improve on the results and moving in on to something else. Multitasking simply increases your stress and lowers productivity. Many people think that doing so much all at once would deliver the results they need but according to research you will only hurting yourself mentally in the long run!

Saying No

Your life will be filled with fewer distractions when you master the art of saying no. People who say no commit their time and energy only to those goals that are important to them and can find more space to live a fun and happy life!

Avoid debts

The media and advertisers keep on trying to convince us to get those things we don’t really need. There is always a newer version of the cars or the phones we have. There is no point trying to keep up with the Joneses or live a lifestyle we can’t afford. Avoiding debts could be your guide to becoming happier and embracing more freedom.


One way to simplify your life is to embrace more moments of peace and relaxation. Taking your mind off those things or activities that constantly put you in motion simplifies your life and makes you appreciate those inexpensive and gladdening moments of your life. Slowing down certainly helps you get more done because you are better rested, more strategic and productive.

Surround yourself with positive people

Surrounding yourself with persons who see the bright side of life without having so much would condition your mind to do the same. Having the right people around you will make you realize what should matter and should not.

Be healthy

You can’t really simplify your life if your body and mind is not healthy. Your body is a vehicle to success and happiness. To get the best out of your body you need a healthy diet. Eat well and exercise regularly. Simplifying your life starts with giving your body what it really needs rather than those things it doesn’t need!