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Example donut chart of three primary archetypes.

The philosophy of archetypes is recognized by scholars worldwide as the definition of our persona and our story.

  • An archetype is a pattern of behaviors that, once discovered, helps you better understand yourself and others.
  • Individual archetypes are often grouped into archetypal families and on our site you will meet these families.
  • Once you know your archetypes you can begin living your story instead of someone else's.

Archetypes: The Story of You

  • The Story Page

    Your Story Page is your passport to the social world. You can customize it with wallpaper, a motto, and a photo to express who you really are.
  • The Story Wheel

    Your Story Wheel reflects three primary archetypes that define you. With one click, your Story Wheel can be used to measure compatibility with others.
  • The Storyline

    Your Storyline is built each time you ME an item. It's a collage of the people, places and things you love, seen through the filter of your archetypes. Your Storyline can be used to measure compatibility with others with one click.
  • The Storyboard

    The Storyboard is built each time a user ME's an item. The Storyboard is comprised of content from, and for, all 12 Archetypes.

Use our me button to craft the story of you

  • Click the ME button when you see something you like on our Storyboard.
  • By clicking ME you begin building your own Storyline.
  • The ME button can also be installed in the bookmarks toolbar on your web browser, allowing you to ME your favorite articles, images, products, etc. from all over the web.