Right about now is the time we start itching for a change. Spring fever takes over, we get restless and ready to embark on new change. But there’s a hitch! There’s some old baggage weighing us down and keeping us from making our new habits stick! So, I’ve created this simple 10 day “lifestyle lift” detox plan to show you how to get your banging body and a happier life by knowing how and when to hit your reset button! For the full plan, check out my new book The Right Fit Formula on Amazon!

Day 1: Clean out your pantry and refrigerator. Time to ditch anything expired or processed. Evaluate your fridge. Does it have colorful fresh fruits and veggies? Do you have lean proteins easily available? Rule #1 for success. You can’t out perform a bad diet. That means no matter how hard or long you workout, if your diet isn’t balanced you just won’t see the results or have the energy to make positive changes in your life.

Day 2: Declutter your workspace. Get rid of the endless post-its, projects past their due date and weed out the messy clutter. Just looking at excess waste in your space can steal that much needed energy to do something productive.

Day 3: Clean out your social media. Do you have “friends” who over saturate your timeline with a zillion posts? Do you have friends that you are secretly comparing yourself to? To compare is to despair, which can lead to depression and negative energy. Carefully go through your social media and weed out the people who don’t bring out the best in you!

Day 4: Weed out the haters. Time to get a little more personal. Are there people in your life who are a bit toxic? Do you find yourself constantly trying to change, fix, or solve their issues? Or… do you find yourself holding back sharing your success in fear they may be jealous? If so, time to take a break and connect with people who help you grow. In the words of our girl T Swift. “Haters gonna hate”! #byetojealousfriends.

Day 5: Reset your personal vocabulary. Do you often use absolute words like “should,” “would,” and “must?” Are these 3 harsh words sabotaging your efforts to be happy? Do you secretly believe everything should go your way and people should act the way you want them to? Should often holds us hostage. Try swapping out the word “should” with “preferable.” . It would be preferable if he or she did what I hoped they would do…” This one word exchange can transform your life!

Day 6: Create a SOS stress relief plan. Write out what you normally do when you’re stressed out. Do you reach for a pizza or food? Do you grab a drink or smoke? Do you beat yourself by replaying everything in your head over and over again until you go to sleep? Are you sleeping well?

Write down what you do when you’re stressed out and figure out how you can modify your behavior. Life is about strategies. What is your strategy for success and growth? The thing to know about stress is… it’s killing your forward momentum. When we are stressed out we tend to go back to our old destructive habits no matter how hard we work to create new healthy habits. So, how do we be successful in the midst of trying to balance the ups and downs of our daily life when we’re being pulled in so many different directions? Create your own SOS stress plan to prevent your stress from getting out of control. Start by dedicating just five minutes a day to list out your stress behaviors. Then next to each stress behavior, list a new positive action that you can take today to change it.

Example: My husband is watching TV when I think he could be helping prepare the kids’ lunches for the next day. Old behavior: Snack on the kids lunch and ruminate. New behavior: Go in the other room and do a set of 10 push-ups. Anger is a high charged emotion requiring a high-energy action to soothe it. Nothing bad will come out of you getting sexier arms, will it?

Day 7: Create a play day. Write down a list of workouts and activities that make you smile and feel good, then commit to doing at least one of them on this day. The rule is…there are no rules…Whatever you say goes! Feel free to be as silly as you want, let your guard down and feel free from worry! Be sure to sweat and smile and you’re surely to sustain this good habit!

Day 8: Create your dream schedule! Take a 1/2 hour on this day to build out your dream schedule. How would your life be if you believed your time was your own and there were no obligations to fulfill? What would your ideal day or week look like? What’s amazing about this process is your actual life may not be far off from your dream life and if it is… this is the perfect opportunity to re-prioritize and add in some more of those things you love from day seven!

Day 9: Stock up your house with positive pep! That means, flowers, healthy foods, positive inspiration and any reminders that your life is good. All healthy actions begin in the mind. You can’t create a better body or improve your diet without healthy thinking!

Day 10: Today is your day off. Yup, I said it! I know that may seem daunting to us perfectionists, over achievers, and career driven women. But yes, there is such a thing as over doing change and always striving to be better. Give yourself permission today to be happy with yourself just as you are. Repeat after me: “I accept myself just as I am.” “I am good enough just as I am.” Go out and enjoy yourself today GUILT FREE.

As your Health Coach and Fitness Expert I could have given you an “eat this or do that” plan, but guess what? So many new diet and workout books are released every year and people are still failing! Why? Because as a society we’re not dialed into how to create balance or restore ourselves so that we may be more productive and have more energy to do what we love- Instead, we just keep chasing change what works for someone  or a new fad,  making it next to impossible to succeed any at new diet or workout plan. For your 100% customized plan with recipes, workouts, stress reduction, a food plan all based on YOUR personality, individuality and lifestyle, then check out my new book The Right Fit Formula on Amazon! Please keep me posted on your changes from this 10 day reset plan!

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