Who says today has to be “just another day?” Knowing your archetypes opens a world of dreaming big because the more you realize the more you recognize our possibilities are of cosmic proportion. So today, here are four of my favorite juicy “J” archetypes:

Do any of these sound like you?

JOKER: You don’t have to be the wild card in the card deck or a star in a “Batman” movie to fill the bill of this archetypal pattern. You are a lover of jokes and tricks and you could have fun on your own, but your greatest kicks come from being spontaneous and getting others to join in. You are the life (or the dread) of the party, but either way you’re the pump behind the pulse of the Creative/Rebel archetypal families. You certainly know how to mix things up. Let me count a few of you: Seth MacFarlane — talk about a creative entertainer and rebel! Then there’s the legendary Bugs Bunny, the first on record for saying, “Don’t take life too seriously. You won’t get out of alive.” He knew what he was talking about, as does entrepreneurial wiz Richard Branson, who brings his Joker to his business empire. Next up is George Clooney, famous for his Creative/Gentleman/Joker showing up on his movie sets, or your Uncle Walt, who brings his “who stole your nose?” trick along to Bar Mitzvahs. Have fun out there!

JUDGE: If you are by nature the Judge, your roots are steeped in the Intellectual and Visionary families. The Judge can see and think right through you. Calling Judge Judy! You may not be elected, appointed, or even asked for your opinion. But, as best-selling author Carolyn Myss teaches us in her book, Archetypes, “your archetypes govern your relationship to your personal and spiritual power and govern every aspect of your life.” The Native American proverb tells us, “Don’t judge any man until you have walked two miles in his moccasins.” If you are a Judge you are energized, walking many miles in lots of very soft shoes.

JANITOR: Someone has to clean up the mess. Behind the broom (and the scenes) is someone you need to know. For me, the Janitor archetype is the Caregiver/Hero. You may not be a janitor to earn your living, or need a formal education if you are, but I swear they are our mystics in disguise. They see it all. You understand what happens when the mess is not cleared away. “When we realize we can make a buck cleaning up the environment,” as the late Denis Weaver told us, “it will be done.”

And last but never least:

JOCK: Not just for the boys anymore. She is a girl/boy, or simply all boy. Part of the Athlete family of archetypes, your life is measured in rebounds, assists, and goals as well as six-pack abs. “Tennis is just a game,” Serena Williams tells us. “Family is forever.” You may be a mom, a tech nerd, and a woman returning to your childhood jock within to rediscover how much you dig it. For the new Jock, have it your way! Your goal is to keep active or, like Venus Williams, “to not do the same thing over and over again. I like to have fun and explore myself so you won’t see the same design.”

Amen and women to that! Venus, you would love archetypes! Here’s to all the exploring of ourselves and our infinite designs that they offer when we embrace them to the fullest.

Let your joy begin!

With grace and gratitude,

Cristina Carlino is the founder of Archetypes, Inc. Each week she will reveal a new letter of the Alphabet of Archetypes. Stop back often to discover aspects of yourself you didn’t know existed.