Which brings us to the end (and beginning): the letter Z. Z, you see, is for so much more than “zebra” and “zoo.” When it comes to archetypes, Z is for Zillions of possibilities.

In these last 26 weeks we have gone through our alphabet of archetypes, A to Z, with a few examples for each. But there are countless others awaiting us. Knowing our archetypes, we can go out into our world and — for the first time for many — feel in our natural and right zone. We create miracles beyond our imagination. One and then another and another and another…

In 1999, when I created philosophy, my company, the most beautiful by-product was not the lotions and potions but the incredible and enduring friendships that came from a job well done. I feel twice-blessed now that I get to create creams and dreams with some of those friends, the most magical people I have ever worked with.


Mark Harshbarger, the Father Hero archetype, a most beloved man who helped grow philosophy and is now my partner and cofounder in BIG (Beauty Innovation Group).

Karolyn Stayer, the Creative Caregiver archetype, and a sister to be sure, who helped give voice to philosophy and now is helping to raise the BIG baby with her inimitable grace.

Kerwin Yamanaka, the Visionary Intellectual archetype who has put all his genius into each formula he ever created for BioMedic, philosophy, and now BIG. He is one beautiful being.

Rebecca Fleming, a Visionary Intellectual Caregiver archetype who had our very first philosophy baby, her son Luke. Now she’s helping us birth another baby called BIG, and my gratitude knows no bounds.

Special thanks to Sarah Superfon and Nancy O’Neil, who will be joining the BIG effort soon enough.

Another special thank you to new family member Liz Bishop, an elegant soul no matter her archetype.

And finally, a call-out to Kelly Siegel, Creative Executive Fashionista archetype from the Martz Agency, and to all the Martz team. They make social media fun, fun, fun.

Speaking of fun, have you joined in yet? If not, why not zoom on over and take the eye-opening and easy quiz on www.Archetypes.com today? Discover who you really are and be amazed. I still am daily.

And isn’t that the beauty of life? To be dazzled, feel your own zest, and know you life has purpose and a zillion possibilities.

Here’s to new beginnings.

With grace and gratitude,

Cristina Carlino is the founder of Archetypes, Inc. Each week she reveals a new letter of the Alphabet of Archetypes. Stop back often to discover aspects of yourself you didn’t know existed.