The Art of Seduction

As an Advocate, you’ve got everyone’s best interests at heart — even when you’re thinking about their private parts. Here are a few ways to be responsible and romantic at the same time.

Being comfortable with your own body is a key ingredient to having good sex. When you get naked around each other — even while doing something as domestic as the laundry or the dishes — you remember that you’re more than roommates or TV-watching buddies. It’s really hard to take a naked body for granted!

Believe it or not, seduction often starts in the kitchen or the laundry room. By making your partner’s life a little easier — helping out with chores, picking up his or her dry cleaning, even doing work-related tasks like formatting a PowerPoint presentation for your sweetie — you will free him or her up to have a lot more time, mental space, and energy to focus on sex with you!

As an Advocate, you understand the importance of communication. The more sexual information you pass back and forth, the more likely you are to satisfy each other. So bring your body to show-and-tell, and demonstrate for your partner exactly how and where you like to be touched — and then it’s his or her turn. Milk and cookies optional.