The Art of Satisfaction: Technique & Taboos

You like to take the initiative in the bedroom. As an Advocate you know how to set the tone so that the person you’re with feels good — and knows that you feel good, too.

Some positions get a bad rap, but when done right can be incredibly intimate. Find a rhythm together, which will be very sexy and empowering. If the position makes you laugh, go ahead and enjoy the giggles: sharing humor in bed is another great route to intimacy.

Self-imposed obstacles can build tantalizing tension. If you know your partner loves to touch you in a certain way or a certain place, try making him or her wait… and wait… and wait… until he or she can’t hold off any longer. You could even tease your partner further by touching yourself in that way first. Trust us, you will be forgiven!

Instead of waiting for that moment when your partner climbs between the sheets or flips off the bedside light, make your move the moment they walk in the door, or when they’re lying on the couch reading a book, or standing in the bathroom about to brush their teeth. It’s incredibly hot; it lets your partner know you simply can’t wait to have them — and who doesn’t love that? (Just be sure they haven’t had a bad day!)