The Art of Seduction

As an Athlete, you’re not the type to just light a candle, sit back, and wait for the magic to happen. You’re willing to work at it. Lucky for you, some of your favorite active pursuits happen to have built-in seductive properties.

Seriously. There’s scientific research to back this up. The increased blood flow and endorphins from exercise mimic sexual arousal, putting you in the mood. And exercise raises hormone levels that are linked to arousal — especially in the half-hour immediately after your workout. So skip the shower (or shower together!), and hop into bed. There’s a bonus, too: Exercise makes you feel good about your body, which has a powerful effect on libido, especially in women.

Deep stretching increases blood flow everywhere — and we mean everywhere. That in turn can increase your libido, your ability to orgasm, and even the strength of your orgasm. Why would you want all that happening with no one to share the experience with? Plus there are lots of stretches you can do together, giving you an excuse to make more body contact — and there’s nothing like a good stretch to limber you up for some of the more ambitious sexual positions you’ve been dying to try out!

Being naked together in nature is a massive adrenaline rush that floods the brain with natural amphetamines, dopamine, and norepinephrine — all of which contribute to sexual arousal. Add in a gentle breeze and a pool of cool water, and your nerve endings will crank up to 11. Who doesn’t want to experience an 11?