The Art of Satisfaction: Technique & Taboos

You have a high-energy approach to sex and are willing to push yourself physically to ensure satisfaction all around. But you don’t go in for silly positions or impossible goals; when you do it, you always have a plan.

As an Athlete you surely have more in your repertoire than the standard missionary position. Switching positions keeps sex fresh and the sensations exciting. A fun game to play when going from position to position is to try to stay connected, to not lose intimate contact: think of it as a very grown-up version of Twister!

We won’t lie: It’s hard! But you’re no couch potato, you’re an Athlete. You may have to move to the floor for your happy ending, but while it lasts, the built-in urgency is awesome. (Tip: A doorjamb is often easier to get leverage against than a flat wall.)

Sex at the edge of the bed with one partner standing is a great way to try out new positions and angles, especially with a helping pillow or two. Plus, you get to feel adventurous without the discomfort of, say, doing it over the bathroom sink or on the kitchen floor.