The Art of Seduction

When your partner feels good, you feel good: That’s why Caregivers make such patient, selfless lovers. You’ll do whatever it takes — for however long it takes — until your partner asks you to stop!

Taking the time to grocery-shop and then wash, chop, and measure the ingredients is a great way to show someone that you really care about his or her needs and well-being, which can lead to magic in the bedroom later. In creating delicious, thoughtful food — real, slow food — you’re nourishing your partner’s body and heart. It’s an act of creation and imagination that ends with a sensual sharing of soul food. Need inspiration? Start with the 1992 film Like Water for Chocolate.

Not every intimate caress has to lead somewhere. In fact, if you only touch during sex, you’re denying yourself and your partner the emotional, spiritual, and physiological benefits of human contact (hello, oxytocin!). It also puts a lot of pressure on every embrace. So hold hands, cuddle, hug, back-scratch, tickle, and kiss — yes, even with tongue! — throughout the day, not as a way to signal you want sex but as a way to show you care. Because when someone feels loved all day long, they’re more likely to feel in the mood all night long.

Back rubs are notorious for leading to the bedroom, so why not embrace them wholeheartedly? Turn down the covers, take off your clothes, light a nice massage candle, and rub down every inch of your partner’s body, focusing on the parts that don’t often get touched — and maybe even avoiding the more obvious spots. The longer you spend on the massage, the more your partner will loosen up and experience new nerve endings. What better foreplay?