The Art of Satisfaction: Technique & Taboos

Creative sex doesn’t necessarily mean swinging from the rafters or donning animal suits, it just means introducing a little novelty and fun into your time in bed (or elsewhere). Here are a few suggestions:

Erotica and porn can be used for sexual inspiration, but as a Creative you don’t have to rely on other people’s smut: use that imagination to make up your own. Tell a dirty story in bed starring you and your partner, whether it’s some crazy sci-fi sex fantasy or simply what you’d like to do to your partner in your wildest fantasy.

Who says sex always has to take place on a bed in a bedroom? As a Creative you should have christened every room in your place by now. If not, get cracking! And don’t forget the endless possibilities of parked cars, single-person bathrooms at fancy restaurants, dressing rooms, campgrounds…

Playing games in a romantic relationship is not cool — unless of course they’re dirty versions of the kinds of activities you might encounter at a dinner party. Think: strip poker, truth or dirty dare, naked Twister. You can even buy an adult game at your friendly neighborhood sex shop for Friday night fun. (Though we’d recommend introducing this kind of thing only after a romantic dinner for two, not a sit-down soirée for eight — unless your guests are really open-minded).