The Art of Satisfaction: Technique & Taboos

You’re a Rebel, so you’re less vanilla and more raspberry piña colada swirl in the bedroom. You like a little spice — in fact, you require it. So the best, most satisfying sex for you is going to include activities that get a movie rated NC-17. Wear that rating with pride! Here are a few ideas:

You don’t kowtow to convention in everyday life, so why be shy in the sack? In your world, ladies and gents get to reinvent their roles: If you’re a man, you can get on the bottom, be vulnerable, and cuddle all night long; and if you’re a woman, you can get on top, dominate, and require sex all day long. Screw tradition and just be your authentic self.

Bondage is a quick and easy way to make everyday sex a little more unusual, intense, and extreme (some of your favorite adjectives, right?). Whether you use silk cuffs from the sex shop or improvise with a soft wide scarf, tying your partner up (or letting them tie you up) instantly tips the scales of power and creates erotic drama.

Pushing up against our personal sexual boundaries can make for the hottest sex — and for increased intimacy in a relationship, too. For many archetypes, a taboo-breaker might mean doing it with the lights on. But for Rebels, the sexual bar is by definition raised a bit higher. In your case, pushing your limits might mean trying any of the following: attending a play party, having a three-way or four-way or… whatever it is you’ve always wanted to try but haven’t yet. So go for it!