The Art of Satisfaction: Technique & Taboos

For Royals, sex is automatically elevated to a higher plane, with more decadence and drama than any commoner could dream of. After all, for Royals, nothing is ordinary.

You treat yourself to the best in life, and the same should hold true in the bedroom. Focus on the erotic potential of various scents, tactile experiences, and sounds. Take the time to smell the roses; surprise your lover with tickling feathers, warm massage oil, a chilling ice cube, soft fur, or even the sting of a love swat; and savor the music. Remember, there’s no rushing for Royals.

Taking control should come fairly easily to you. That said, you can’t simply assume authoritarian control in the bedroom (no matter your station in life or how much money you make). Being sexually dominant is something that has to be negotiated and agreed upon with your partner (the negotiations themselves can bring on a Royal flush). While in power be stern with yourself too — it’s mutual pleasure you’re after, where you also have your partner’s best interests at heart.

This won’t come as easily as #2. But just as playing a dominant in the bedroom can be thrilling, so can playing a submissive —especially for someone not used to giving up control in any other aspect of life. But there’s something paradoxically freeing when someone else (whom you trust) is calling the sexual shots, even if it’s only for an evening. As with any sexual play involving power dynamics, make sure you set the ground rules together, then enjoy not thinking for a change!