The Art of Seduction

As a Spiritual type, you are constantly seeking ways to connect with your partner — for you, that closeness is the essence of sex. Here are some ways you might want to tap into your partner’s soul:

Deep, soulful eye contact changes the meaning of any act — in a conversation it says, I am truly listening; in a moment of silence it says, I can’t believe how lucky I am to have you in my life. While undressing it says, I adore your body and how you adore mine — and as the acts get more and more erotic, eye contact makes everything seem even sexier. Trust us, you’re 10 times more likely to blush if you have to maintain eye contact during certain deeds!

While the rest of the world was making fun of Sting for his claims about what Tantra did for his sex life, you were probably smiling thoughtfully and taking notes. Your openness to trying new approaches to sex is what makes you such a sensitive lover. Tantra is not just a sex practice, it’s a path to a more spiritual life. Doing a Tantra workshop together makes learning even more powerful.

Treat your partner’s body like a blank slate, exploring it until you know every inch intimately. Your goal is to discover at least one sensitive spot that no one else — not even your partner — knew existed. Hint: Avoid the obvious. Those bits have probably been pretty well discovered already (then again, you’re pretty good at seeking out the unknown, so we wouldn’t put it past you to find something new).