The Art of Satisfaction: Technique & Taboos

You love the mystery of sex: as a Spiritual you are constantly seeking new insights into how to be better in the bedroom. You know that such wisdom can come from an external source or from really focusing in on yourself and your partner.

Contrary to popular belief, this ancient Hindu text is not really about Tantric sex. It’s about paying attention to every inch of your partner’s body, whether you’re kissing or caressing or sensually teasing with fingernails. And when you pay attention the Kama Sutra way, you should be using all five senses.

Just listening to your own breathing and to your partners’ breathing can be a huge turn-on — and provide clues to what your partner likes and doesn’t like, as well. Plus, paying attention to breathing is a great way to stay in the moment, especially if your mind has a tendency to wander at key moments.

Here in the West we get stuck on the notion that sex has to happen in a particular way and in a certain order: foreplay, intercourse, orgasms, done. But there are many different types of sex, and not all of them have to start or even end the same way. Shake it up and see how experimenting with the very nature of sex helps bring you closer, how it helps you communicate in bed — or just how it torments you deliciously!