The Art of Seduction

Everything, even seduction — or perhaps, especially seduction — can (and should) be done with style. Here are a few ways that you, as a Tastemaker, can show how it’s done:

You’re up on all the trendiest restaurants and the hottest bars, just know that when seduction is on the menu, romantic settings are a top priority. Crowds, long wait times, and dins are all guaranteed mood killers — no matter how many strings you pulled to get the reservation. Remember, it’s not about the amount of money you spend: Even ordering takeout can be sexy if you dim the overheads, light some candles, and lay out the linen tablecloth and good china.

You don’t need to show skin or wear something body hugging —what’s most important is that you feel good in what you wear and that you radiate seductive confidence. On the other hand, even the comfy clothes you lie around in on a Sunday while doing the crossword with your special someone should fit well and be flattering and clean — think of it as the “anything but sweatpants” rule. And of course, it’s not just what’s on the outside but also what’s underneath that counts: Nice undergarments make you feel stylish and sexy, even when no one else is going to see them!

When you put so much thought into what you put on, you should be just as deliberate about how you take it off. While there’s certainly a time and a place for ripping off each other’s clothes and leaving them in a crumpled pile at the foot of the bed, always rushing through the act of disrobing would be an affront to your identity as a Tastemaker. Have your partner lie back and watch the show: Take your time. Offer the slow reveal. Think less stripper, more burlesque.