The Art of Satisfaction: Technique & Taboos

You’ve got to work with what you’ve got. Fortunately for Tastemakers like you, you’ve probably got the best. Here’s how to take it to the next level.

In our guide to seduction, we talked about the art of taking things off. But don’t forget the teasing and tantalizing power of occasionally leaving something on. It suggests that you just couldn’t wait to get started; it leaves something to the imagination; and it gives your partner more time to appreciate the fashions you’ve surely put some thought (and probably bucks) into.

With cramped spaces, slippery surfaces, and water that washes away nature’s lubricants, shower sex is often better in theory than practice. But that doesn’t mean you should throw out the bawdy fun with the bathwater. It’s just a matter of limiting your sex acts along with your expectations. Bring along some lubricant with staying power — ideally silicone-based, which won’t wash away under the shower stream — and start with foreplay. For anything that requires balance or leverage, move to dry land.

As a Tastemaker you probably have put time and effort into the design of your boudoir: nice throw pillows, high-thread-count sheets, a stylish headboard, perhaps even bedposts. Make sure you’re talking full advantage of all the accouterments: use those pillows to prop up different body parts; use the headboard for leverage, the bedposts to wrap restraints around; you can even use those sheets for a little erotic mummification: wrap your lover’s arms and torso in a linen hug while you pay exquisite attention down below.