The Art of Seduction

When it comes to seduction, you like to think ahead. Here are a few innovative ways to get into the mood:

Sometimes being a Visionary means looking to the past for inspiration. Remember the kind of epic make-out sessions you had as a teenager, when kissing was the be-all and end-all of your romantic life? You were present, focused, and in the kiss. So put some self-imposed temporary boundaries on your love life. Agree to make out, and only make out, so that you can really, truly appreciate how good kissing can be — and also create anticipation around what comes after kissing. (If that sounds like too much torture, at least agree to make out and then watch a movie or eat dinner before you go further!)

A fun way to help get you and your partner into the mood is to come up with a few pre-sex rituals — things you do together before you move to the bed. It can be taking a bath together, putting on a certain playlist, even something as simple as turning off your cell phones — as long as it’s ritualistic and imbued with sexual meaning, it’ll become a powerful aphrodisiac. Think of it as Pavlovian conditioning for a healthy sex life.

Remember that coconut sunscreen lotion you used on that tropical vacation when you had sex on the beach? There’s no reason why you can’t whip that bottle out in the middle of winter and make it part of your regular old Tuesday night sex play. It’ll take you both back to the place and time when you were having awesome vacation sex. It doesn’t have to be sunscreen — try anything that might evoke the excitement of your first date, your first time together, or your first weekend away together. It can be a certain bottle of wine, a cologne that you used to wear, a lipstick shade that you ran out of and never replaced….