The Art of Satisfaction: Technique & Taboos

As a Visionary you don’t think of sex simply as “insert tab A into slot B and repeat.” You are decidedly more nuanced and varied. Here are a few ways to add new shades to your sexual palette.

Sure, there’s a time and place for slow, sensual lovemaking. But there are benefits to hurrying it up, too! The pace creates a thrilling sense of need, especially if you do it just before you have to be somewhere else. And women don’t necessarily need as much time as you think: many ladies can finish in mere minutes on their own. Make sure she shows you how!

Just as you can exploit the senses to aid in seduction, you can limit the senses to heighten the actual sex. Add a blindfold, put in ear buds, and you’ve created a virtual sensory deprivation “tank” where touch is the primary sense. Nothing else will exist in the world except this exchange of pleasure and sensation. It’s pure, raw, sexual focus.

It takes a Visionary to see how something a little painful can be intensely pleasurable. Or even how something kind of silly can be sexy! But spanking can be highly erotic when looked at from the proper perspective — and when done with the right techniques (see some important spanking safety tips here).