Getting Along with Colleagues and Getting Ahead at Work.

As an Athlete you know the value of competition, you believe in fair play and know that, in the clutch, mind will triumph over matter. Put your winning qualities to work in the following three ways and you’re guaranteed to gain an edge.

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Some people shy away from competition, but you thrive on it. Beating others over the head with it is poor sportsmanship, however. Instead, set personal goals that allow you to compete against a worthy opponent: yourself.

Natural-born leaders are the first to acknowledge the contributions of others, and the quickest to shake hands and say, “Good game.” Regardless of the outcome of the meeting or project, bringing these practices into the boardroom ratchets up your chances of being voted MVP when the dust settles.

As an Athlete you know how much work goes into a seemingly effortless performance. When those around you start to gripe and drag, lead by example: offer to make the extra phone call, follow up on the recalcitrant lead, take the grumpy client out to lunch. Your colleagues’ gratitude will be sweet; your promotion, a victory.