Managing Your Boss and Creating a Positive Relationship

As an Athlete, your competitive edge is finely honed (see more about this in Getting Along with Colleagues and Getting Ahead at Work, Part 1). While this can make you an invaluable team player, it has the potential to backfire if you work for someone who doesn’t share your stamina, nerve, or style. Below, three ways to help you keep your head in the game. Want more career inspiration? Click here to see more ArcheGuides.

As an Athlete, you have a “win at all costs” mentality. While this works well against an opposing player or team, it can be tricky when used against your boss — showing him up may get you the win in the moment, but your triumph will be short-lived. Remember, you’re not there to quarterback. You’re there to pile on.

Because being in motion is your métier, sitting through endless meetings can make you want to pound the table — or the person in charge. Channeling that energy into taking notes can go a long way toward easing your frustration, and will likely make you more effective post-meeting. (Not to mention that your boss will love you for writing down what he says.)

Athletes have a “just do it” mentality that can make them intolerant of a ruminative boss. In moments when you want to move the game forward, you’ll get farther, faster if you speak about the strategy behind your idea, not just the importance of, or need for, the victory. So, instead of “If we don’t move now, we lose!” you’ll want to say, “If we move now, we have the potential to catch them off guard.”