How to Perfect Your Presentation Skills

As an Athlete, you understand the importance of practice, so it makes sense to you to fine-tune your message and get your presentation on its feet ahead of time. Below are a few pointers for managing last-minute nerves, tamping down unseemly competitiveness during hostile Q and A, and staying present for your umpteenth away game. Click here for more ArcheGuides

In the same way that stretching out your calf muscles ensures that your legs won’t seize up at the operative moment, massaging the back of your neck before you speak calms the nerves that control your digestion and respiration (they attach at your C3 and C4 vertebrae).

Competitiveness is second nature to you, but it doesn’t serve you well during hostile Q and A. With this in mind, don’t verbally tackle your opponent. Instead, concede that there’s value — You make an interesting point. However… — and then move on to score.

Every now and then you find yourself giving the same presentation again and again, which can make it hard to stay present. But just as the rules remain the same even though every game is different, your presentation needs to stay fresh even if your slides are old friends. Every time you face off against a new team, adjust your game for the new climate and conditions.