Everything the Athlete needs to know to succeed in the workplace


As an Athlete you know the value of competition, you believe in fair play and know that, in the clutch, mind will triumph over matter. Put your winning qualities to work in the following three ways and you’re guaranteed to gain an edge, READ OUR GUIDE.

As an Athlete, your competitive edge is finely honed. While this can make you an invaluable team player, it has the potential to backfire if you work for someone who doesn’t share your stamina, nerve, or style. Below, three ways to help you keep your head in the game, READ OUR GUIDE.

As an Athlete, you live and die for your team members — and they appreciate that. They will appreciate you still more, however, if you recognize that not everyone tackles problems in the same way. Beware pushing others beyond their limits, be mindful of your own foibles, and use a playbook that’s familiar to all. READ OUR GUIDE.

As an Athlete, you understand the importance of practice, so it makes sense to you to fine-tune your message and get your presentation on its feet ahead of time. Below are a few pointers for managing last-minute nerves, tamping down unseemly competitiveness during hostile Q and A, and staying present for your umpteenth away game. READ OUR GUIDE.