Managing Your Team and Leading by Example

As a Caregiver, you thrive on developing and maintaining a strong team, and your consideration for your employees earns you enormous gratitude. Things can go awry, however, if you aren’t careful to maintain the boundaries, composure, and backbone that are also key in earning you their respect.

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The ability to get along with just about anyone is one of the Caregiver’s outstanding traits. That said, this capacity should never be indulged at the expense of team members. Some days you have to be the bad guy. If you hear complaints once the moment has passed — and they’re about you — you know you made the right choice.

One thing your team relies on is your ability to put yourself in their shoes, the consequence of which is their comfort in asking for your advice on non-work-related matters. While it’s wonderful to provide this mentoring for them, it should not be a two-way street. Should you need advice/feedback on personal matters, make sure you seek it from your peers.

Without a doubt, there are days when being the boss is tough — and it can feel good to get reassurance from those alongside you in the fray. Ultimately, however, in order to do their best work, your team needs to feel that you have the situation under control. This does not necessitate a devil-may-care bravado on your part, just the ability to keep a cool head as you lay out your thinking and give direction.