Managing Your Team and Leading by Example 

As a Creative, you inspire and delight your team on a daily basis — until they feel overwhelmed, confused, or burnt-out trying to keep up. Keeping the following three ideas in mind will help to ensure an uninterrupted flow of your — and their — Creative expression.

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Although it’s easy for you to think of ten ways to accomplish a goal, once you’ve settled on one, announced it to your team, and agreed on a strategy, don’t bombard them with the other nine as the project progresses. Timeliness and teamwork suffer when horses are changed midstream.

When it’s your Creative process, each step is apparent to you, but your team may not have followed every element of your thinking. Setting up a check-in system that you and they adhere to over the life of the project ensures that everyone ends up fulfilling the same dream.

For you, creativity is paramount, whatever form it takes, but it can sometimes be overwhelming and/or exhausting for those around you. Giving your team, and yourself, time to step away and recharge ensures you don’t burn out on your dream — and each other. With this in mind, build in time to lollygag, daydream, nap, dawdle, yawn, and reboot.