How to Perfect Your Presentation Skills

As a Creative, you enjoy thinking about various ways that you can attract and retain others’ attention — and often the wilder the idea, the better. But it’s also critical to have a handle on the logistical elements in play, to get specific about the message behind your message, and to include the facts that will move others to action. Click here to see more ArcheGuides.

As mundane as it seems, it’s imperative to check off a few housekeeping details in the months, weeks, and days before you present, such as: What kinds of questions do I want to ask? What are the specifics of the venue? How large will the audience be? What is its demographic makeup? Can I get a list of attendees? Who else is speaking? What’s my time limit? Do you expect me to include a Q and A? 

With so many various ways to express yourself at your fingertips, it can be hard to choose what will be most effective. A great way to focus yourself is to pick three words that you want the audience to use to describe you after your talk. For example: He was informative, engaging, and thoughtful. Then work to exemplify those words.

Because it’s important not to be creative with facts and figures, it can often seem as though they are dragging your talk down, which can make you want to use them sparingly. And yet, while we are emotionally moved by stories, our intellect is stimulated by facts. With this in mind, be sure to bolster your message with the kinds of irrefutable facts that move an audience to action.