The Explorer has a wealth of knowledge from simply experiencing the world, however he/she does not have a ton of patience. Always on the go, you need a job for the salary, the benefits, the sanity – but you find yourself daydreaming out the window and feeling oh-so-frustrated when you clock in at a 9-to-5. So what should you do to find your success?

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The Explorer’s watch out is boredom. You can’t be bored at work, and even cubicles are challenging for the Explorer’s adventurous, noncommittal spirit. You would be happy to find a position where you can constantly feel a certain freedom from the details of the job to the actual work space. You have an insatiable curiosity about the world around you and the people in it – your job can’t be static or repetitive!

You’re a shoo-in for a job that lists “travel: required” in the description. You would also do very well in a start-up – you have an entrepreneurial spirit and can easily manage the day-to-day obstacle course provided by such an environment. You can juggle duties with ease, and work requiring multiple hats is your forte. 

You have some pretty unique skills – you know how to leverage all those frequent flier miles to get somewhere new, you are extremely self-sufficient, and you love taking big bites out of each new territory you visit. While the Intellectual loves analysis, the Athlete needs its stats, you love maps, interpreting and using visual cues, and seeing the forest for the trees.