Managing Your Team and Leading by Example 

As a Fashionista, your uncanny ability to spot new trends and put together fashion-forward styles in innovative, effortless ways is revered. From time to time, however, your choices may not be appropriate to wear or talk about in the office setting. So when in doubt, edit it out. When you admire others’ daring, however, be generous with your praise.

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While everyone is likely to agree that your Prada fishnet tank top makes a statement, it’s disquieting for your employees to see your chest hair poking through it. Similarly, they are likely to be unnerved by your peek-a-boo blouse. The moral of the story: keep your more outré fashions for evening and weekend wear.

When you are excited about a marvelous new purchase, it can be hard not to draw others’ attention to it — and if it’s something your employees could afford for themselves, by all means do so. If, however, it would mean their living on ramen noodles for the next decade, call your best friend to share the news of your recent score.

Because you are known for your good taste, others always get a thrill when you comment positively on theirs. So if you are struck by the color, line, or shape of your employee’s coat, briefcase, or shoes, be sure to remark on it (always remaining within the bounds of propriety.) Your positive feedback will likely fuel future instances of sartorial splendor.