How to Perfect Your Presentation Skills

As a Fashionista, you are fairly comfortable in the spotlight — and you certainly understand the power of a strong visual. However, now isn’t the time to bust out an outfit that is going to distract your audience from being able to focus on your message or to detract from your impact by being overly polite. Below are a few ways to ensure that the attention remains on you — not just on your sartorial elegance. Click here for more ArcheGuides

With a closet full of marvelous outfits, it can be hard to decide what to wear to wow your audience. As a general rule, blue is the color that people trust the most, and it photographs best. Within the spectrum of shades of blue, choose a cornflower or a French blue.

It goes without saying that the crack-and-peel Hi, my name is … name tag does very little to enhance the outfit you have put together. But since you have to sport it, be sure to put it in the most advantageous spot: on the right side of your chest. Why? Because that way, people can shake your hand, check your name tag, look you in the eye, and greet you by name, all in one fell swoop.

It might seem like good manners to thank your audience for coming at the outset of your speech, but as Winston Churchill said, “Opening amenities are often opening inanities.” You have one chance to make a first impression, so begin your talk with a story, a statistic, or a question. You can thank your audience at the end.