Managing Your Boss and Creating a Positive Relationship

As a Rebel, you can be counted on to make your voice heard, and your presence felt, whatever the situation (see more about this in part 1). While making meetings memorable can be a welcome change for others, keeping the following in mind ensures that you make them memorable for the right reasons.
While expressing yourself is a priority for you, unless that’s your job, it shouldn’t be done via your body. Don’t detract from your professionalism by flaunting your newly healing tattoo, going barefoot in the office, or finding blissful oblivion with your noise-canceling headphones on.
While being vigilant about maintaining boundaries is important, you can achieve a great deal with strategic acquiescence. Better yet, try alacrity in the form of a well-timed “Yes.” If staying late this week ensures a seat at the table at the next client meeting, wiggle room should a future project turn sticky, or extra vacation time, it’s well worth tamping down that opposition you feel rising in you.
We all screw up from time to time, and when we do there are consequences. While the idea of walking away from it all can be seductive, it’s not a long-term solution as it’s unlikely you’ll move through the remainder of your life fault-free. With this in mind, quell the impetuous urge and take your hard knocks gracefully. Ultimately, it’s cooler — not to mention, easier.