Everything the Gentleman needs to know to succeed in the workplace


A love of all things beautiful defines you as a Gentleman, and your colleagues rely on your inherent sense of style and percipience regarding what is cutting-edge. Conversations get tricky, however, when others can’t see what you do — or think they share your taste level when they don’t. Below, three ways to navigate those uncomfortable moments, READ OUR GUIDE.

As a Gentleman, you thrive on the cutting edge of anything and everything. While this makes you an invaluable resource, diving headlong into every new trend isn’t always necessary or appropriate. Below, three ways to ensure that you are tasteful as well as trend-setting, READ OUR GUIDE.

As a Gentleman, your uncanny ability to spot new trends and put together fashion-forward styles in innovative, effortless ways is revered. From time to time, however, your choices may not be appropriate to wear or talk about in the office setting. So when in doubt, edit it out. When you admire others’ daring, however, be generous with your praise. READ OUR GUIDE.

As a Gentleman, you are fairly comfortable in the spotlight — and you certainly understand the power of a strong visual. However, now isn’t the time to bust out an outfit that is going to distract your audience from being able to focus on your message or to detract from your impact by being overly polite. Below are a few ways to ensure that the attention remains on you — not just on your sartorial elegance. READ OUR GUIDE.