Getting Along with Colleagues and Getting Ahead at Work.

You’re an intellectual, so where information, data, and research are concerned, more is always better. To you, there is nothing more compelling than a deep dive into a fascinating topic. You’ve likely noticed, however, that others have trouble keeping up with both your thirst for knowledge and your eagerness to share it. Keeping the following three rules in mind will make your life far easier.

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You require an enormous amount of data in order to find others’ ideas credible, and for you a point is only proven when there is sufficient corroborating detail. Recognize that those around you rely on this, and appreciate it, because it lets them off the hook. If you say something is so, they believe you. There’s no need to keep trying to convince them.

When someone loves background information as much as you do, it’s hard to believe that others could find it overwhelming and/or confusing. But the fact is, they do. With this in mind, carefully edit the information you give others. As we know, you have backup if they ask for it, but if they feel bombarded and/or inadequate, they aren’t going to ask you anything.

Whether or not you realize it, others may find your intellect intimidating. Introducing new concepts and ideas with “As I’m sure you know/you’ve heard” gives others a bit of wiggle room to nod knowingly — or, if they’re savvy enough to take advantage of your smarts, to say, “No, but I’d love to learn more.”