Managing Your Boss and Creating a Positive Relationship

As an Intellectual, you have a myriad of facts and figures at your fingertips and you’re always hungry for more — which we discussed in Part One: Getting Along with Colleagues and Getting Ahead at Work. While your boss undoubtedly values both your intellect and your curiosity, there are some moments when it’s smarter to take it down a notch. Here are three. Want more career inspiration? Click here to see more ArcheGuides.

When you know you have the answer, it can be fun to let others in on your smarts. In moments like these, the “reply all” button is extremely seductive. Don’t be ensnared. Your boss is less likely to appreciate your efforts when you broadcast them far and wide.

Yes, you read that right: “incorrecting” is taking something your boss has said or written correctly and “fixing” it. You may think you’re being helpful, but the fact remains you may be wrong. Check for accuracy before you start — and if your boss is in fact incorrect, handle it privately.

As noted, your boss relies on your intelligence; that’s why she hired you. Therefore, you don’t need to remind her of it. While there will always be the temptation to walk her through why and how you plan to solve a problem, or deliver the results, you’ll save her time (not to mention cut a far cooler figure) if you simply present her with a fait accompli.