Managing Your Team and Leading by Example

As an Intellectual, your breadth of knowledge and incisive thinking engender admiration and respect from your team. There are moments, however, when your razor-sharp words and speed around Intellectual corners leave others feeling disenfranchised. Keeping the following in mind ensures that morale stays high.

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For you, a wide-ranging vocabulary is second nature, and the majority of the time your choices delight and edify your team. There are times, however, when a 10-cent word will confuse or alienate those you are trying to inform or empower. In those moments it’s best to channel your inner Ernest Hemingway: keep it short and sweet.

For Intellectuals, there is often the way things “should” be done as opposed to the way others do them. And while many things may indeed need to occur in a certain way, if there’s a grey area it’s better for the morale of your staff if you cut them a bit of slack. If that’s not possible, “I prefer you do it this way” lands more lightly than “You should do it this way.”

Your team both admires and depends upon your ability to think five steps ahead and consider all contingencies, which is why your acknowledgement of their contributions makes them feel all the more valuable. With this in mind, be sure to praise the input of others before moving along to the next step in the project. Something what’s not a “big idea” for you can be one to them. You need to say so.