Everything the Intellectual needs to know to succeed in the workplace

You’re an intellectual, so where information, data, and research are concerned, more is always better. To you, there is nothing more compelling than a deep dive into a fascinating topic. You’ve likely noticed, however, that others have trouble keeping up with both your thirst for knowledge and your eagerness to share it. Keeping the following three rules in mind will make your life far easier, READ OUR GUIDE.

As an Intellectual, you have a myriad of facts and figures at your fingertips and you’re always hungry for more. While your boss undoubtedly values both your intellect and your curiosity, there are some moments when it’s smarter to take it down a notch. Here are three, READ OUR GUIDE.

As an Intellectual, your breadth of knowledge and incisive thinking engender admiration and respect from your team. There are moments, however, when your razor-sharp words and speed around Intellectual corners leave others feeling disenfranchised. Keeping the following in mind ensures that morale stays high.

As an Intellectual, your instinct is to give your audience the facts and figures that support your well-reasoned, well-researched argument. It’s equally important, however, to appeal to their humanity, to demonstrate the impetus behind your erudition, and to ensure that your tonality and physicality don’t detract from your argument. READ OUR GUIDE.