The Performer needs to be fulfilled before ultimately being frustrated. You have an outgoing personality that needs to be expressed, and this is never more true than in your day-to-day job. Here are three ways to start on your path to bliss.

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Let’s get one thing straight, Performer – do not even think about taking a job where you can’t be yourself. Your archetype requires that you have a stage – no matter how small that stage may be! While you may lean towards the literal translation of this, know that a stage can be anywhere – a classroom, a conference room, even a tourbus. 

Your gregarious nature will help you immensely if you embark on a career in sales or spokesperson work. The pay for these can be fairly lucrative, plus, you will enjoy getting up in the morning – you get to entertain and test out your dashing improv skills!

Keep in mind – the dream jobs of acting, singing, and stand-up are your soul’s true desire, however you may never fill your pocketbook with these unless the stars are truly aligned. So if you don’t land the lead or can’t pay the bills on a once-a-season murder mystery gig, flex your skills in other ways. That being said, nothing matters more than what Joseph Campbell once said: “Follow your bliss.” So try it out on the side or find a way to make it work!