How to Perfect Your Presentation Skills

As a Queen, your natural presence adds authority and impact to any presentation, so your work is to convey accessibility and a shared humanity. Below are three easy ways to reassure your audience that you are more alike than they might first believe — because when they see themselves in you, your message becomes stronger. Click here for more ArcheGuides.

Although standing behind a podium has become the norm, it doesn’t do much to enhance your accessibility (or to make you look interesting). So why not place your notes or computer on the podium and stand beside it? The more we can see of you, the more we will like and trust you.

Yale University did a study of the 12 most persuasive words in the English language. Number one is you. With this in mind, be sure your language is inclusive. For example: When I was thinking about speaking with you today… or As I’m sure you know …

Everyone wants things to go perfectly, but for a Royal this can be imperative. Unfortunately, however, crazy things happen: Tech goes down, water spills, people forget their point. In these moments, your audience will like you better if you acknowledge your humanity. For example: I’m so sorry — I forgot where I was headed. Then collect yourself, and move on to triumph.