Getting Along with Colleagues and Getting Ahead at Work.

You’re a rebel, which makes it difficult for you to play by others’ rules. That said, what can you do to ensure that your innate lawlessness doesn’t cost you your colleagues’ trust and respect? Here, three surefire ways to keep your sanity (not to mention your job).

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These days colleagues can stay in touch via email, text, voice mail, in-person sit-downs… This daily barrage cramps a Rebel’s style. What you can do? Let others know which modality you prefer they use, and when it’s best for you to receive their direction and/or feedback. For example, “I appreciate you checking in, but I find it breaks my concentration. May I ask you to email me with your thoughts first thing in the morning?”

As a Rebel, deadlines aren’t really your thing. In fact, you’re more likely to think “I’ll get to it when I get to it.” The trouble is, corporate cultures have deadlines and, for now, you’re playing by their rules. Keep on the right side of the law by requesting that others tell you exactly when they expect something to be taken care of, then have your calendar alert you a day or two (or hour or two, depending) before. This will give you time for a bit of internal rebellion while ensuring you meet the deadline.

As you’ve likely discovered, others find your Rebel qualities cool, which makes your praise —when you choose to give it — genuine praise. With this in mind, be generous about noticing and commending your colleagues’ ideas and contributions. Not only will it boost their morale in the moment, it will go a long way toward fostering their indulgence should one of your Rebel qualities land you in hot water in the future.