Getting Along with Colleagues and Getting Ahead at Work.

As a Queen/Executive you’re most comfortable when in charge, and those around you rely on your decisiveness. Every so often, however, your good intentions upset or offend your colleagues. Using the three tools below will help bring others around to your way of thinking.

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Because you’re so clear on how and why something should be done a certain way, it can be difficult to watch others approach a task differently. But it’s possible your colleague has a reason for choosing a particular approach. Asking “Can you tell me why you’re doing it that way?” gives him the opportunity to offer his thinking, at which point you can, if necessary, redirect him (or you may learn something new…).

Dismissing others’ ideas out of hand leaves them feeling disenfranchised. For that reason it’s important from time to time — regardless of how you plan to proceed — to respond to others’ ideas and contributions with “Let me think about that” rather than nixing their contributions in a nanosecond.

Queen/Executives desire premium results, and aren’t afraid to throw their weight around to get them. What’s more, making decrees and issuing ultimatums has gotten you results in the moment. However, it’s also possible that these tactics have left you without too many colleagues who have your back. What to do? In those moments when you want something done your way, use the following phrasing: “My request is that it be done [fill in the blank] way.” This is likely to be better received than, “I want you to do it the way I said to.”