Managing Your Boss and Creating a Positive Relationship

As a Queen/Executive, it can be difficult to be someone else’s subject — something we also explored in Part One: Getting Along with Colleagues and Getting Ahead at Work. Until you can claim the throne, however, you need to make your boss your liege. Below, three tools to help you stand out from the hoi polloi, each of which should speed the day the scepter is passed to you. Want more career inspiration? Click here to see more ArcheGuides.

It’s not your instinct to admit you don’t know something, or ask for help, but if something or someone is unclear it’s imperative to inquire about it. When you do, be sure to state that the confusion is yours. For example, “I’m afraid I’m unclear regarding X,” not, “You didn’t explain X clearly.”

You’re more used to giving orders than taking them, so give them to yourself: a great way to stand out from the crowd is to step into a void when you see an opportunity your boss has overlooked. After you do, don’t blow your own horn. You’ll look better when others sing your praises.

As a Queen/Executive you have a wide circle of influence. Instead of keeping your connections to yourself, amaze your boss by hooking him up with the people, services, and information that will further his goals. After all, granting favors is a Queen/Executive’s prerogative.